Crane Business Solutions Franchise

Crane Business Solutions FranchiseAre you interested in owning your own business? Starting a business from scratch can be a daunting and risky enterprise. It can also be very expensive, with no guarantee for success! But we’ve decided to provide a way to bypass most of those challenges –  Crane Business Solutions Franchise.

We have worked hard to create really great back office systems and processes, specifically our CRM system, sales-i, which make running the business much easier than it used to be in the “early” days.

Here’s an article where they wrote up a case study about us:

Our CRM system gives us a methodical approach to building and running our business and providing our clients with excellent service and reliability. And that’s one of the key things that our clients appreciate when they buy from us.

We also use systems to enhance our marketing, including our shopping cart system we use to send out our weekly newsletter, and Lead Forensics, which provides valuable information about who visits our websites.

Systems And Processes Make Running A Business Easy

Our systems also made life easier and much more efficient for our salespeople! They have been able to work with many more prospects and customers ever since.

When we opened our second office on the Kent coast, we implemented all the systems from day one. It was amazing how easy it was to run the new office from the start! It allowed us to work from a clean desk right away. There was no hunting around for files and folders!

Crane Business Solutions Franchises – Business Start-Up Made Easy

After putting all those systems in place, we realized that they would also really help a potential franchisee. And so, as we considered expanding our reach, we decided to go the franchise route! With that, the Crane Business Solutions franchise was born.

We saw the opportunity to provide our franchisees with a business that is practically done-for-you and easy to run. Starting a business can be a long, laborious and expensive process, which I remember well from when I first started Crane Business Solutions literally from my own bedroom.

Now, my new franchisees get their business handed to them with all the processes and systems in place. There won’t be any guesswork, no costly trial and error. Instead, they can hit the ground running. With Crane Business Solutions Franchise, the long learning curve has been eliminated!

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Christmas Gifts Can Be Great Investments

christmas giftsIt’s October and Christmas is less than 2 months away. So it’s no longer particularly “early” when it comes to preparing for Christmas, which includes ordering Christmas gifts.

The first item on your agenda should be ordering your personalised corporate Christmas cards! You may also decide to get charity Christmas cards, where a portion of the proceeds is donated to your favourite charity.

We carry a wide range of Christmas cards in a variety of styles, some of which can even be personalised on the front. This will make yours stand out, especially when they’re on display in the offices of their recipients.

I’d like to invite you to check out our selection of personalised Christmas cards, which we have just newly updated:

We have a broad selection, from traditional to glamorous to funny and more. Take a look!

And remember that it’s important to include a hand-written note in those cards, yes, even though they do include the personalisation! At the very least, sign them – or have someone in your office sign them for you.

For an even bigger impact, consider adding a personalised gift! We have a wide selection, from very affordable to impressive corporate gifts. While some gifts cost more per item, the minimum order requirement is much smaller, so the total amount remains pretty manageable.

Christmas gifts are a bit different from the branded gifts that you might send out during the rest of the year. They have to be a bit more impressive and festive, and signal a higher value.

Unlike the pens and notepads you give away year-round, the Christmas gifts need to be a bit “bigger” – not necessarily in size but in perceived value. In fact, you can get “premium” products even in a category that would normally be considered too “small” – for example a premium pen in a gift box!

Here are a few ideas…

1) Calendars and Diaries

As I mentioned before, calendars and diaries are ideal Christmas gifts. Everyone needs a new calendar, and generally several, so a calendar really comes in handy as the old one expires. Just make sure you pick a really nice one!

2) Premium Versions of “Everyday” Items

Regular branded pens are not suitable as Christmas gifts, but really nice premium ball pens and/or a fountain pens could be very well received, especially if they come in a gift box, possibly as a set. They also have the advantage of reminding the receiver of you whenever they use them.

3) Nice branded versions of “regular” office utensils

Staplers and hole punches often wear out, so a high quality version, properly branded, can be a nice option.

4) Leather bound purses, diaries, binders, or folders

Whether it’s real leather or a high quality eco-friendly imitation, these items look very nice and are likely to be used as well. That’s important as these items are supposed to serve as reminders of you and your brand.

5) Other classy gifts

There are many more options, from wall or desk clocks to crystal decanters and tumblers. We also offer a wide range of silver plated items, from sticky note holders and business card holders to photo frames.

Why not visit our selection of executive promotional items and take a look around. We’re sure you’ll be inspired. You can find our executive gifts here:

And when you have any questions whatsoever or can’t quite find what you have in mind, just call us on 0800 007 5566 or use our Live Chat… and ask! We’re happy to help.

Just remember – if you want the best selection, it pays to start shopping early.

Let us help you thrive!

What To Write In Your Business Diary

Write in your Business Diary JournalDid you start a business diary yet? Or have you bought one at least? Keeping a business diary gives you a tremendous opportunity to accelerate your journey to success! Imagine having access to Sir Richard Branson’s secret business success weapon! Why not take advantage of it! Now make the most of it and write in your business diary!

Last week, I promised to provide more tips on what to write in your new diary, and here they are… Get ready to make the most of your secret weapon!

1. Start Small as you Write in your Business Diary

The most important thing is to actually write every day! As you know, starting a new habit is easier if we start small. Give yourself a doable task and then commit to really doing it.

Instead of vowing to write an essay each day, why not start with something easy that will take you less than 5 minutes – and actually do it! Here are some examples:

2. Make a List of What To Write In Your Business Diary

A list is simple. We all write grocery lists. So why not start by making lists? You could, for example, list…

  • 5 things you’re grateful for
  • 5 things you have accomplished today
  • 5 things you want to do tomorrow
  • 1 problem that needs a solution
  • 1 solution to a problem

Can’t think of five things? Write down three, and work up from there. Don’t feel like you have to make the same kind of list every day either. Switch around from gratitude lists to to-do lists to lists of your accomplishments. If you feel particularly inspired, you can choose two or three items from the list above.

3. Gather ideas for your Business Journal

Gathering ideas requires that you either have your journal with you at all times, or that you carry around a small “temp” journal where you can jot down ideas anytime you have them. Some people get their best ideas in the shower, and believe it or not, there are actually waterproof notepads to keep in the shower so those precious ideas won’t get lost! If that’s you, consider using one of those… and yes, we can get them for you!

4. Tracking your goals

Tracking your goals – and your progress towards them, is important too, and your diary can help you with that. Keep a list of your important goals somewhere in your journal where you can find it, maybe at the beginning, or on the last few pages. Then write down each day what you did to get closer to one or more of them.

5. Give yourself a boost

Write down something you’re pleased with, and/or something that went really well. Your business diary can be your own private cheering section, so let it cheer you on.

Share the wealth

And here’s something else… don’t keep your new secret to yourself. You know how much it helps to write in your business diary. So share the wealth! As you probably already know, diaries can make wonderful gifts for business associates, team members, clients, and even key prospects. With Christmas and 2017 approaching rapidly, branded diaries and journals are an excellent and very timely option.

Wondering which diary to choose? If you have questions or are looking for something special, just call us on 0800 007 5566 (or use our Live Chat) and we’ll be happy to help you find the best diary for your purposes. And remember… if you want the best selection, it pays to start shopping early.

Richard Branson’s Secret Weapon

richard branson's secret weaponWhat would you do if you could have access to Richard Branson’s secret weapon? There’s great news: You CAN!

It’s not billions of dollars in cash. It’s not a whole team of world-class advisors. Not that those wouldn’t come in handy at times.

But his most valuable secret weapon is something YOU can start using today! All it takes is a decision to do it… and then following through!

So what is it?

Richard Branson’s Secret Weapon: Keeping a Business Diary.

First, a quick confession:

I wish I could have started this email by writing “My secret weapon…” but in all honesty, I can’t do that because I do not (yet) keep a business diary. However… after reading an article about Branson and all the benefits he derives from his business diary, I’m seriously considering starting a new habit!

Here’s the life-changing article:

And here’s how you can get started making Richard Branson’s secret weapon your own:

 Step 1: Choose a business diary you like

The first step is to choose a diary, journal, or notebook that you will carry with you wherever you go. Make sure it fits comfortably inside whatever bag you use, and that you enjoy looking at and using it.

Also choose a pen you enjoy writing with. After all, the best diary or notebook only works if you actually write in it, and you’ll need a pen for that.

Step 2: Put it on your to do list

Before any activity becomes a habit, you have to do it for quite a while. So in order to get started, decide on a time and place where you’ll write in your diary every day and put it on your to do list.

Step 3: Write

The third step is to write, write, write! Start small! Commit yourself to writing for just 5 minutes a day, at least initially. It’s more important to actually write every day than to write a lot. Also, start by simply writing about what you did each day.

We often beat ourselves up about the things we didn’t accomplish, while completely overlooking what we actually did do. When you gather your achievements, they will come in handy as you need encouragement, and also as you prepare for your next day – and even for a performance review.

Also jot down any ideas that pop into your mind. Make it your mission to never again lose a great idea just because you didn’t write it down.

If needed, use a second, smaller, notebook that fits inside your pocket and use that instead for any ideas that pop into your head as you’re on the go. Just be sure to add the notes to your main journal later.

It’s not often that we can gain access to something like Richard Branson’s secret weapon! When we do, we should take advantage of it and use it for our benefit.

Next week, I’ll share more tips on what to write in your new diary or journal. In the meantime, consider who else could benefit from having their own diary (and who might already be keeping one).

How To Share Richard Branson’s Secret Weapon

Diaries and journals make wonderful gifts for business associates, team members, clients, and even key prospects. With Christmas and 2017 approaching rapidly, branded diaries are a terrific and very timely option.

That special diary could become a frequent reminder of you, especially if it’s used regularly and brings the kinds of benefits that are unique to this particular gift.

Here’s another idea: Why not start a diary-keeping habit inside your own company or organisation? Just give all your team members a journal and challenge them to write in them every day. You could offer them prizes for best ideas generated in their journal etc. And for extra inspiration, you could mention the benefits that become especially obvious during performance review time…

What about you? Are you using a diary or journal, and are you writing in it regularly? Or are you thinking about using one, now that you know what it does for Sir Richard Branson?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Just leave a comment below!

For more articles on entrepreneurship and business success, please visit my blog at

Three Mistakes That Sabotage Success

mistakes that sabotage successAre you making one or more of the three mistakes that sabotage success? They could spell big trouble, especially if you don’t fix them…

The interesting thing is that when you first look at them, they actually seem like a good idea – until you take a closer look. In fact, you find some of these in motivational materials where you’re encouraged to do these things. I’m sure you recognize them when you see them.

Yet as it turns out, they can easily backfire, as we will see in a minute. Too much of a good thing is often not such a good idea.

The Three Mistakes That Sabotage Success

Here are the three mistakes to be very wary about:

1) Thinking (too) big

The first mistake is thinking too big. Yes, it’s generally seen as an asset to have big dreams and a grand vision, but it can stop you before you even get started.

Instead, focus on getting things done. Focus on handling small things, and taking first steps. Focus on creating one product, getting it done and getting it out there. Then move to the next item.

So should you stop yourself completely from dreaming big? Not really. Your big dreams will keep you motivated and looking in the right direction, but in the meantime, be sure to keep your action steps manageable.

2) Being Too Negative

Being negative can stop you before you even get started. It can come in many different guises. One of them is impostor syndrome, which means worrying that you’re not as good as everyone may think you are, and that you will be found out. That’s sure to sabotage your success. So if this is a challenge for you, get some help and get it fixed.

You should also maintain a healthy dose of optimism – while being practical as well. Sure, it’s always a good idea to be prepared just in case, but don’t dwell on it.

Instead, visualize success, and take the steps that will move you in the right direction. Be sure to stay clear of the naysayers surround yourself with a supportive team. Remember that famous quote by Henry Ford: “Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right.”

3) Thinking too much… about the wrong things

You may think that thinking is good. And it is.  Still…

There’s such a thing as “overthinking.” You can think yourself right out of taking productive action because you’re worried about failure. You also want to avoid thinking about the wrong things, such as what others may be thinking. Instead, focus on your own thoughts – and be proud of your actions.

Also, don’t dwell too much on the past – or the future. Focus on the here and now, and do what you can to make the most of it. Finally, don’t focus on perfection. Yes, striving for perfection may sound like a good idea, but it’s one of the key mistakes that sabotage your success.

It can cause you to procrastinate endlessly as you strive for something that’s ultimately elusive. Yes, whatever you create needs to work, but even Apple keeps creating updated versions every year. Imagine they had waited until everything was perfect before they launched their first Mac or iPhone.

If you catch yourself making any of the above mistakes that sabotage success, remember that they are all fixable. Focus on manageable steps, on staying positive, and on getting things done, now.

In the meantime, we’ll be here all summer to support you in making your business thrive. If you need anything, just call us on 0800 007 5566 or connect with us through our Live Chat.