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Football Euro 2016 Planner And Prize Draw

football Euro 2016Do you love football? Then you’ll LOVE what we have planned to help you have some football fun in your office. It’s all to celebrate Euro 2016 and support our England Team!

Euro 2016 starts on Friday, June 10th, and it continues for an entire month! Of course we hope that the England Team will be part of it all the way to the Finals… Oh yes, and come out the winner!

Get the Football Euro 2016 Planner!

In the meantime, you’ll want to keep track of who’s playing whom, and we have you covered. We want to give you a Euro 2016 Football Tracker for your office!

Check it out on our website, – it’s on one of the rotating banners.

So how can you get it? We’ll include it with ANY order you place between now and at least June 10th, or until we run out.

Win an England Football Shirt!

And that’s not all. We’re also giving away at LEAST 3 England Football Shirts, plus additional prizes including football hats, clappers, sponge hands, and more every time England plays a match!

Every time your order comes to at least £75, we’ll enter a ticket for you in our Prize Draw. So plan your orders accordingly…

And there’s MORE! Each time we win, we’ll hold a second draw for a case of beer to celebrate!

Tips on how to qualify for the Prize Draw

Wondering what you should order to get in on those prizes? Anything you normally get, whether it’s paper and ink, or anything from our design and print shop. You can also get some of your own branded shirts, hats, and bags to show off your company’s support of the England team!

Of course, considering the rapid approach of summer, you may also consider getting some fans for your office if you haven’t already. Last time we suggested a few options, including floor fans, tower fans, and even small desk-sized fans for anyone who wants an extra breeze.

If you have questions, just call us on 0800 007 5566 and we’ll be happy to help you figure out what would work best for your office. Or use our Live Chat if you prefer.

In the meantime, be sure to get your Euro 2016 Wall Planner in time for kick-off! There’s no minimum order required for that, though you may want to add a few items you’d stock up on anyway so you’ll qualify for our Prize Draw.

In the meantime, let’s get ready for Euro 2016 and support our England Team!

Crane Print & Design Services

Print & Design ServiceNeed new business cards, letterhead, envelopes or other printable items? You’ll find that our Print & Design Service is the perfect choice. We have an outstanding design team, and deliver your printable goods quickly, usually within 2 working days.

But there’s a lot more. Because of our sophisticated Print & Design Platform, you can make changes almost instantly and order modified items right away. This brings the control of self-service to a service that can easily take longer. Sometimes you may even have to coordinate designers and the printing service. Not with us. We’re offering a one-stop shop!

Let me introduce you to our new Print & Design Platform and how it works:

Print & Design Platform

Our Print & Design platform offers some really handy features… and once you’ve set up your account and your items, you can just go in and make minor changes yourself – anytime you like. After that, you can instantly order new business cards, letterhead, and more.

You can find more information about it here:

But first things first…

How to get started with your Print & Design Services account

First, you’ll need an account. To get one, just call our office on 0800 007 5566 and we’ll set you up with your Print & Design account.

About artwork

Next, if you already have your artwork, for example a logo, just send it to us (preferably by email), tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll create your cards, letterhead, and more.

If you do NOT yet have your logo and/or other artwork, we can create it for you, according to your specifications. We have an excellent professional design team, and we’re sure you’ll be very pleased with their work.

Ordering your products

Once everything is set up inside your account and you have approved it, you can just log in and order your print products at your convenience. Whether you want business cards, letterhead, envelopes, brochures, or whatever, you can just order as many or as few as you want, and everything will (usually) be delivered within 2 business days.

Here’s another perk:

Since you have already proofed the cards the first time, you know they will be correct for all subsequent orders. This saves time and effort and avoids any unnecessary (and costly) mistakes.

And yes, our prices are also very competitive.

But wait, there’s MORE!

Making changes inside your Print & Design account

What if you have a new staff member (let’s call her Cindy), and you want to get some new business cards for her?

It’s easy. Just go into your Design & Print platform account, pull up your business cards, and create a new set of cards for Cindy. Simply edit them by adding her name, her phone number, and her email address, and hit save. From there, you can order her new cards right away, and you’ll get them usually within 2 business days.

You can also do the same thing if you move, open a new satellite office, or if you want to add another item to your information, for example a fax number. It’s fast and easy, and you’ll get exactly what you want.

Print & Design Platform Case Study

When I opened my satellite office in Discovery Park, I needed an extra set of business cards for my new office. The old-fashioned way to handle this would have been to cross out the “old” information and write in the new phone number and email address, at least temporarily, until the new cards arrived. But that looks so unprofessional!

Instead, I just got new cards. I went into my Print & Design Platform and created them in minutes. And just 2 days later, I was able to pass them out to my new neighbors, fellow entrepreneurs in Discovery Park.

Ready to give our new Print & Design Platform a try?

Want your own Print & Design Account so you too can create your own business cards (and other printed materials) any time you like? It’s easy!

Simply call us on 0800 007 5566 and we’ll get you set up. After that, all you have to do is give us your artwork and have your cards and other materials designed. Once that’s taken care of, you can log in at any time to order your cards… and make your own adjustments.

Our Special Business Cards Deal Just For You

Obviously, we’d like you to give us a try. And to make that a no-brainer decision, we’d like to offer you a special deal on your first set of business cards…

Get 250 business cards for just £27.77!

Just call our office, ask them to set up your new Print & Design account and get your Special Deal on business cards, and they’ll be happy to help you.

I’m looking forward to creating your print items for you!

Business Supplies Website Launch Celebration

Website launch celebrationWe’re celebrating our new Crane Business Solutions website and we’d like to invite you to join us in our launch celebration!

It’s been MONTHS in the making… I can’t believe how many moving parts needed to be sorted out. But it’s finally ready, and we’re excited.

Click on the link below to check it out:

What’s New On Our Crane Business Solutions Website

As you’ll see, we’ve completely overhauled it from the ground up. Not only does it look a lot more attractive (we like to think). It’s also much more user-friendly and provides more information.

If you want to check out our products and services, you can either search our entire catalogue by typing the item name into the dark blue field that says “Search Our Entire Catalogue…”

For example, if you type in “Stapler,” you’ll be shown a whole collection of staplers. You’ll be amazed at how many kinds we carry. Go ahead and type in the product of your choice.

You can also click on the link at the top left that says, “Shop by Category.” It will take you right to the items you’re looking for.

Right underneath the “Shop by categories” link, you’ll find another link called “Popular Categories,” which offers another way to search for items.

If you’re not looking for a particular item but simply want more information about our various products and services, just go to the bottom of the page and check out “Services Offered” for more details.

Business Supplies Website Features ALL Our Products and Services

As you know, we at Crane offer so much more than “just” office supplies. And our new website reflects that – and makes it easy to find out about ALL the products and services we provide.

Just check it out, click on the various links and images, and you’ll see what I mean. We have sections on business interiors, catering, and corporate gifts, now integrated with our website.

We also have a cool ink finder tool that’ll help you find the exact ink cartridges you’ll need for your printer. Plus there’s a big new section on eco-friendly products and recycling, with countless ways to help you protect the environment.

What about printing and design? We have a new print platform where you can place orders and even make changes to your existing designs, for example when you have a new staff member. The platform will let you create new business cards, make the necessary edits, and order your new cards. They’ll arrive within a couple of days.

Just visit our shiny new website and check out what we’ve got:

Save Big On Business Supplies

Also be sure to check out our “Specials” section! We now offer clearance sales – with BIG savings!

Just click here to check out our current deals:

So how are we going to celebrate our new website? With a special launch discount! Just use coupon code “WEBLAUNCH” (no quotes) and you’ll get 10% off any order between £100 and £500 (excluding VAT)! Please note that the coupon code can be used only once. Also, use it soon. It expires on July 24th.

Of course, as always, we’ll be here to help you. Just call us on 0800 007 5566.