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Get Your Own Business Fast With A Franchise

Your own business fast with a franchiseAre you thinking about starting your own business? You want to be your own boss, and are sick and tired of your limited salary. Then again, you worry about how long it will take to become profitable. And what if it doesn’t work? Discover how to get your own business fast with a franchise.

Starting your business from scratch can indeed be a risky endeavor, and it will take quite a bit of time as well. But there’s a shortcut! You can get a slice of someone else’s business – by buying into a franchise.

Not every type of franchise is going to be easy to start, but there are some that are. I would suggest that you look for 3 key criteria:

1) Low Start-Up Costs: Get Your Own Business Fast with a Franchise

If you have your heart set on a McDonalds franchise, this article is not for you. But if you want a business you can acquire with less than £20,000, continue reading…

There are quite a few franchise options available in that range. And considering that you may be able to borrow a chunk of money from the bank, you may even be able to get in for less than £10,000!

Our EasyCrane Franchise is one of the options that you could get at that kind of price point. Even better, you won’t need to rent office space. You can run your business right from your own kitchen table. All you need is a computer and a phone.

2) Look at the type of work required

If you love working with children, you’ll have quite a few franchise options available in the above price range. The same is true if you enjoy cleaning up other people’s messes. But if you prefer to keep your hands clean and work from your kitchen table, you may like our EasyCrane Franchise. It’ll allow you to get your own business fast with a franchise.

You can even get started part-time. If you still have a job, you may want to hang on to it for a while. And with EasyCrane you can do that since your business is online, and you could even hire a sales person who will call your prospects for you.

3) Get your own business fast with a franchise

Once you’re done with your training, you’re ready to go. Start calling your business contacts anywhere in the country to get clients. We’ll even help you find your first clients! It’s part of your training and our support to get you off to a fast start!

The best part is that literally every business uses our products – and they appreciate a high quality vendor with great customer service. With just a few dozen clients, you can build a sustainable business… and continue to grow it from there! You’ll be amazed how quickly you’ll earn back your start-up fee and move right into profit!

Want to find out more about the EasyCrane Franchise? Meet me at this week’s Franchise Expo:


Want To Be Your Own Boss?

want to be your own bossAre you thinking about being your own boss? Maybe you’re ready to call your own shots. Or you’re tired of having someone else tell you when you can take a holiday? Perhaps the raises you’ve been getting have left you wanting a lot more. So how do you know whether starting your own business is actually the right solution for you? If you want to be your own boss, you do have several options…

Start by looking at your options…

Staying with your job does have advantages, and you know them well. Sure, it may not pay you as much as you would like, but the paychecks arrive like clockwork. That’s not usually the case when you own your own business, especially not in the beginning. Consider that option carefully if you want to be your own boss.

Then again, you could keep your job and start your business part-time. Many happy business owners started that way. While this may feel like you’re actually working a second job, eventually, the income of your business will allow you to leave your first job behind. Of course that’s assuming that your business is successful.

Finally, you could leave your job behind and start a business OR buy a franchise. You’d have to have significant savings (and lots of credit) to take that route, and it can be quite risky…

You also need to consider what kind of business you want to start. Many types of businesses cannot be started on a part-time basis. And they also carry great risk. But some businesses can, especially certain kinds of franchises.

A franchise could be ideal if you want to be your own boss

As a prospective business owner, you can go two different routes: you could start your own business from scratch, or you could buy into a franchise. And each of these comes with many different options.

When you start your own business, the start up expenses and efforts will be huge, and so will be the risk. You could quickly lose your life savings, and even more. This may be more than you’re ready for when you first want to be your own boss.

Your risk can be reduced if you buy into a franchise. After all, someone else has already created the company and taken it through the difficult start-up phase. You will be able to benefit from their experience and their name recognition.

There still will be a start-up cost, but franchises vary widely in how big that cost will be. While buying a McDonalds franchise costs in the millions, there are plenty of franchises with much more modest price tags. You could even get started with a franchise for £25,000 or less. And thanks to the training the franchisor provides, you can avoid any costly mistakes.

How To choose the right franchise

If you decide to go with a franchise, you also need to decide what kind of business you want to run. Some franchises require a lot of work and are expensive to set up. Other ones you can get started with immediately – and even run from your kitchen table.

The latter type of franchise is ideal for someone who wants to ease his or her way out of a job while starting a business on the side. A Crane franchise, for example, would allow you to do that very easily, especially if you outsource the part about acquiring new customers.

In fact, a Crane franchise has a number of advantages… It’s comparatively inexpensive. You can run it from your home office, which means that you can start it as soon as you’re done with the training. And you can earn back your initial investment very quickly.

A Crane franchise would be perfect for you if you have a background in business, management, or sales. However, even if you don’t, you can succeed. After all, we’ll train you and provide you with plenty of support. And you can always hire a sales person.

So if you want to be your own boss but would rather avoid the heavy lifting, there’s a great option for you. Call us to find out more on 0800 007 5566. Or visit us at

Success Habits for Business People

success habits for business peopleA few months ago, I wrote about tools for success, focusing on things like business cards, logos, brochures, and other tangible items. But that’s not all there is to the topic. There are also success habits for business people!

So today, I’d like to address that other aspect of the topic: intangible tools for success, including habits, skills, and how you interact with the world around you. Those fall under the topic personal development.

Consider this:

Jeff Walker, a hugely successful entrepreneur used to pursue his personal development privately. But once he started meeting more and more successful business people, he realized that they ALL were big fans of personal development. In fact, most of them credited their personal development practices for a good part of their success.

Here’s a video of Jeff Walker talking about his personal development journey:

Considering that most successful business owners incorporate multiple personal development practices into their lives, I’d like to ask you:

What are your own personal development practices? Chances are you have a few, from being self-aware to working on your skills and having healthy habits.

I’d like to start with looking at one of the key practices:

Success Habits for Business People: Learning

Whether you’re deepening your knowledge in your area of expertise or are learning new information, learning is key when it comes to personal development activities. Reading, listening to audiobooks, or watching videos are all activities you can use to incorporate learning into your daily life. You might even want to take a course here and there.

Learning increases your knowledge and skills, and it also keeps your mind sharp! Get into a personal development habit to feed your mind and spirit the information that primes it for success.

Just don’t go overboard!

There can be too much of a good thing… If you accumulate knowledge haphazardly, you may end up feeling intimidated and inadequate. Learning is meant to support you, and help you enhance your knowledge as well as your confidence, not add stress into your life.

Also watch out for getting caught up in the shiny object syndrome. Don’t just keep trying to learn new things for the sake of adding them to the stash of information in your brain, without ever applying them to anything important in your life.

Instead, focus on adding information that you then apply. Choose information to improve areas that matter most to you. For example, if you’re working on improving your communication skills or your sales skills, focus on those areas. It’s one of the most useful success habits for business people you can master.

Of course, don’t forget the tangible tools either. You’ll still need the right business cards, brochures, and all the rest of the things that make your business run effectively.

We’re here to assist you. Just call our office on 0800 007 5566 or use our Live Chat and ask away.

Let us help you shine!

What To Write In Your Business Diary

Write in your Business Diary JournalDid you start a business diary yet? Or have you bought one at least? Keeping a business diary gives you a tremendous opportunity to accelerate your journey to success! Imagine having access to Sir Richard Branson’s secret business success weapon! Why not take advantage of it! Now make the most of it and write in your business diary!

Last week, I promised to provide more tips on what to write in your new diary, and here they are… Get ready to make the most of your secret weapon!

1. Start Small as you Write in your Business Diary

The most important thing is to actually write every day! As you know, starting a new habit is easier if we start small. Give yourself a doable task and then commit to really doing it.

Instead of vowing to write an essay each day, why not start with something easy that will take you less than 5 minutes – and actually do it! Here are some examples:

2. Make a List of What To Write In Your Business Diary

A list is simple. We all write grocery lists. So why not start by making lists? You could, for example, list…

  • 5 things you’re grateful for
  • 5 things you have accomplished today
  • 5 things you want to do tomorrow
  • 1 problem that needs a solution
  • 1 solution to a problem

Can’t think of five things? Write down three, and work up from there. Don’t feel like you have to make the same kind of list every day either. Switch around from gratitude lists to to-do lists to lists of your accomplishments. If you feel particularly inspired, you can choose two or three items from the list above.

3. Gather ideas for your Business Journal

Gathering ideas requires that you either have your journal with you at all times, or that you carry around a small “temp” journal where you can jot down ideas anytime you have them. Some people get their best ideas in the shower, and believe it or not, there are actually waterproof notepads to keep in the shower so those precious ideas won’t get lost! If that’s you, consider using one of those… and yes, we can get them for you!

4. Tracking your goals

Tracking your goals – and your progress towards them, is important too, and your diary can help you with that. Keep a list of your important goals somewhere in your journal where you can find it, maybe at the beginning, or on the last few pages. Then write down each day what you did to get closer to one or more of them.

5. Give yourself a boost

Write down something you’re pleased with, and/or something that went really well. Your business diary can be your own private cheering section, so let it cheer you on.

Share the wealth

And here’s something else… don’t keep your new secret to yourself. You know how much it helps to write in your business diary. So share the wealth! As you probably already know, diaries can make wonderful gifts for business associates, team members, clients, and even key prospects. With Christmas and 2017 approaching rapidly, branded diaries and journals are an excellent and very timely option.

Wondering which diary to choose? If you have questions or are looking for something special, just call us on 0800 007 5566 (or use our Live Chat) and we’ll be happy to help you find the best diary for your purposes. And remember… if you want the best selection, it pays to start shopping early.

Richard Branson’s Secret Weapon

richard branson's secret weaponWhat would you do if you could have access to Richard Branson’s secret weapon? There’s great news: You CAN!

It’s not billions of dollars in cash. It’s not a whole team of world-class advisors. Not that those wouldn’t come in handy at times.

But his most valuable secret weapon is something YOU can start using today! All it takes is a decision to do it… and then following through!

So what is it?

Richard Branson’s Secret Weapon: Keeping a Business Diary.

First, a quick confession:

I wish I could have started this email by writing “My secret weapon…” but in all honesty, I can’t do that because I do not (yet) keep a business diary. However… after reading an article about Branson and all the benefits he derives from his business diary, I’m seriously considering starting a new habit!

Here’s the life-changing article:

And here’s how you can get started making Richard Branson’s secret weapon your own:

 Step 1: Choose a business diary you like

The first step is to choose a diary, journal, or notebook that you will carry with you wherever you go. Make sure it fits comfortably inside whatever bag you use, and that you enjoy looking at and using it.

Also choose a pen you enjoy writing with. After all, the best diary or notebook only works if you actually write in it, and you’ll need a pen for that.

Step 2: Put it on your to do list

Before any activity becomes a habit, you have to do it for quite a while. So in order to get started, decide on a time and place where you’ll write in your diary every day and put it on your to do list.

Step 3: Write

The third step is to write, write, write! Start small! Commit yourself to writing for just 5 minutes a day, at least initially. It’s more important to actually write every day than to write a lot. Also, start by simply writing about what you did each day.

We often beat ourselves up about the things we didn’t accomplish, while completely overlooking what we actually did do. When you gather your achievements, they will come in handy as you need encouragement, and also as you prepare for your next day – and even for a performance review.

Also jot down any ideas that pop into your mind. Make it your mission to never again lose a great idea just because you didn’t write it down.

If needed, use a second, smaller, notebook that fits inside your pocket and use that instead for any ideas that pop into your head as you’re on the go. Just be sure to add the notes to your main journal later.

It’s not often that we can gain access to something like Richard Branson’s secret weapon! When we do, we should take advantage of it and use it for our benefit.

Next week, I’ll share more tips on what to write in your new diary or journal. In the meantime, consider who else could benefit from having their own diary (and who might already be keeping one).

How To Share Richard Branson’s Secret Weapon

Diaries and journals make wonderful gifts for business associates, team members, clients, and even key prospects. With Christmas and 2017 approaching rapidly, branded diaries are a terrific and very timely option.

That special diary could become a frequent reminder of you, especially if it’s used regularly and brings the kinds of benefits that are unique to this particular gift.

Here’s another idea: Why not start a diary-keeping habit inside your own company or organisation? Just give all your team members a journal and challenge them to write in them every day. You could offer them prizes for best ideas generated in their journal etc. And for extra inspiration, you could mention the benefits that become especially obvious during performance review time…

What about you? Are you using a diary or journal, and are you writing in it regularly? Or are you thinking about using one, now that you know what it does for Sir Richard Branson?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Just leave a comment below!

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