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Happy Easter 2016!

Happy Easter 2016It’s spring at last, even though it doesn’t quite look like it most of the time. But the crocuses are poking their heads out, and remind us of what’s to come.

And in just a few days, it’ll be Easter! And we’d like to wish you a very Happy Easter Holiday from all us here at Crane! Whether or not your Easter includes Easter egg hunts, do treat yourself to some nice chocolate though…

In fact, we want to help with the chocolate… with our Easter bonus, which will be included with any qualifying order… We’ve just updated the bonus and created three different ones. Here they are:

  • Small egg, for purchases over £49 (excl. VAT)
  • Medium egg, for purchases over £149 (excl. VAT)
  • Large egg, for purchases over £299 (excl. VAT)

Happy Easter 2016 From All Of Us!

What if you want the large Easter egg? Why not consolidate your orders?  You can feel good about taking care of the planet, and get more chocolate.  Sure, it may not be quite so good for your waistline. but then you don’t have to eat your chocolate all at once or all by yourself.

How To Get The LARGE Easter Egg?

Just think about what you may need to stock up on… You may be running low on some of your usual supplies, or you could get ready for your next community event by getting some promotional giveaway gifts! USB sticks in spring colours will be especially nice, but pens will work well too. And of course you can also get shopping bags, t-shirts, or more.

If you’re wondering what would work for you, we’re always ready to help. Just call us on 0800 007 5566 or use our chat feature and ask away.

It’s Tax Season!

As you know, it’s tax season, with the official government end of year being April 5th. So you probably need a variety of supplies to help you get organised and pull off that task before the deadline.

You may need storage boxes, lever arch files, expanding files, ring binders, plastic pockets, plastic folders, suspension filing, and more. Then there are labels and marker pens. Of course, you may also need extra ink cartridges, laser toners, drums, and who knows what!

On the bright side, if you stock up now, you may get to enjoy a nice big Easter egg as a bonus! It’s sure to sweeten the pesky task of doing your taxes!

So go ahead and call us on 0800 007 5566 or use our handy Live Chat to explore your options. We’re always happy to help. Just be sure to request your Easter egg bonus with your qualifying order.