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New Year’s Resolutions For Your Business

Hands with tablet showing business goals for 2015Happy New Year, once again. We’re all back to work now, and I hope 2015 has been good to you so far.

So I thought it would be a good time to ponder the topic of New Year’s resolutions once again, specifically as they relate to our businesses.

Many people make those resolutions year after year, only to find themselves failing just as predictably. That’s not the way to approach it, unless you’re a glutton for punishment.

Instead, we should focus on how to make the new year better – but in a way that motivates us and helps us stick with those resolutions…

To help with that, I’ve come up with a few suggestions (and I may come up with MORE of them for another post).

1) Don’t make your New Year’s Resolutions for your Business all at once

One of the best ways to ensure failure is to overwhelm yourself with a laundry list of resolutions that you can barely even keep track of, let alone fit into your life.

Think about your last resolution about getting in shape or losing weight. If you gave yourself a dozen rules, how long did it take until one of them fell by the wayside. And that, of course, was the excuse to chuck it all.

What works much better is to start with one manageable change, stick with it until it becomes a habit, and then add another change.

After that… wash, rinse, and repeat.

It works the same for changes you make in your business. Pick ONE thing, and then work on implementing it. And only after it has become part of the new routine, pick something else.

Pick something you have control over

Another popular resolution in people’s personal lives is to achieve a certain goal. For example, a lot of people resolve to lose a certain number of pounds.

Unfortunately, weight loss doesn’t quite work that way. Sure, if you stick to a diet long enough and closely enough, and there are no health issues such as diabetes or hypothyroidism, you may end up being successful, eventually. But the exact pace of the weight loss may depend on a range of factors out of your control.

Of course, you can set your goal low enough that it’s easy enough to achieve. Unfortunately, those kinds of goals may not excite you enough to bother with, especially when it comes to weight loss.

So instead of setting target numbers, focus on actions you have control over, in weight loss as well as in business growth.

A way to do this is to focus on activities. Exercise so many times a week. Drink so many glasses of water. Eat vegetables every day. And so on.

And in business, it would be to make so many sales calls a day. Set up a routine that ensures you follow up quickly.

An easy way to save money in your business

One key goal of every business is to become more profitable. That goal can be tackled two ways… spending less and increasing profits. For the moment, let’s focus on spending less (while still getting the same value).

Here’s a simple tip that any business can implement very easily and quickly…

We have found in our research, that most businesses spend approximately £45 on placing each order (not counting the cost of the actual goods that are ordered). Shocking, isn’t it? That’s just the cost of the staff members doing the work that goes into ordering.

An easy way to reduce that amount or cut it in half would be to combine orders. If you just combined two orders into one, you could save £45 right there. And if you combined 4 orders into one, you’d save 75% of your staff cost for ordering supplies.

How difficult do you think this would be to implement? Probably not very difficult at all…

How about making a resolution to cut your ordering costs at least in half (or further)? Sure, it’s not a HUGE amount, but it’s also just a first step…

Let us help you with your New Year’s Resolutions for your Business

How can we help you with your New Year’s Resolutions?

If you like the one I’m suggesting above, why not start there. In fact, why not talk to our specialists about how you might be able to save even more money in your business…

Just call us at 0800 007 5566 and ask for our Money Savings Audit!

We’ll surely be able to give you some tips that will save you even more money. Probably a LOT more money.

Of course it’s up to you which ones you want to implement.

In the meantime, I wish you a very successful 2015!