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Office Supplies for Doing Your Taxes

office supplies for doing your taxesReady or not, it’s time to do your personal taxes! It’s a tedious job, but it can be a lot less tedious if you have all the right “ingredients” handy, i.e., your office supplies for doing your taxes.

So today, I’m going to share a checklist that will make your job easier:

No, I’m not actually giving tax advice! I’m not an accountant, and I’m sure you have one who will help you with that. You may also have some kind of tax preparation software for the heavy lifting.

But what I CAN help you with is making sure you have all the right office supplies on hand that’ll make your tax preparation work as efficient as possible…

Here they are, in three parts:

A: Printing Your Receipts And Documents

Chances are, you’ll have to do a lot of sorting of receipts and documents. Depending on your accounting system, you’ll also have to print out reams of documents so you can write on them and sort them more easily.

In order to avoid running into log jams as you do that, you’ll want to make sure you have the following on hand:

1) Paper

2) Ink for your printer

And if your printer has been giving you grief, you may want to invest in a new printer as well…

B: Sorting And Filing Your Tax Documents

As you print out your documents, don’t just stack them into huge heaps. Sort them as they come out of your printer, staple them together, and put them into filing boxes, lever arch files, folders, and maybe envelopes for receipts.

For this project, you’ll need the following:

3) Staplers, Staples, and Paperclips

4) File Boxes

5) Lever Arch Files

6) Folders

7) Envelopes for Smaller Receipts

These are the basic ingredients. Your personal preferences will vary. Maybe you’d like to use large envelopes for receipts, or jumbo clamps to hold large stacks of paper together. Just add them to the list.

C: Tallying the Numbers

Perhaps you’re using tax preparation software, and it will do the tallying for you. But there may still be numbers that could benefit from some old-fashioned tallying. And so I recommend you have one or both of the following items handy, depending on your preferences:

8) Calculator (basic)

9) Calculator (with printing function)

Finally, clear some space on a shelf where you can stash your new supplies, along with the completed and sorted/filed documents as you get them ready.

You may have most of the above items already, but if you’re missing any of your key supplies, we’d like to help!

Wondering which ones you should get? You can look through our new Flipi virtual catalogue to find just what you need:

And then, either order what you need online, or just call our office at 0800 007 5566, and we’ll be happy to help you!

Note that you may also want to add a shredder to your order…

After all, as you go through your documents, you’re sure to come across confidential information that must be securely destroyed.

I’ll provide more tips on that next time, but for now, you may want to start shredding it as you come across it. Here’s a helpful article on identity theft prevention and choosing the right shredder:

Meanwhile, good luck with your taxes. As I said, I’m not a tax advisor. However, to the best of my knowledge, any supplies you purchase for tax prep purchases will be tax deductible!

The New Environmentally Friendly Crane Virtual Catalogue

catalog rolledRemember when the big Littlewoods catalogues used to arrive in the mail? Or maybe even the Argos catalogue? Those were exciting days. The family would gather around and pick out what they wanted.

Today, the thought of those huge catalogues and the countless trees that went into their production makes most of us cringe. Fortunately, trees are no longer required, at least not for those catalogues, because many adverts are online.

And that’s a good thing. We need to be kind to our planet. After all, it’s the only one we have. And along with recycling paper and using recycled paper and other goods, putting advertising online will help save countless trees.

There’s just one thing…

Most websites don’t quite provide the same shopping experience that those catalogues did. We used to love flipping through those pages and being dazzled by the pretty pictures and the huge selection. Well, I sure did, as did my family and most other people I knew.

And that’s why I was so excited to discover Flipi! Flipi brings back that old catalogue experience without the need for killing trees. It’s completely virtual, right on your screen, yet you get to flip those pages just like in the “old days.”

Want to take a look?

Go ahead and flip through the pages. Find what you’re looking for and check out the variety of offerings.

For example, look at something as basic as staplers… There are 7 pages of them, sorted by size and variety. Or why not go wild and check out the many pages of pens and related writing utensils. One of our clients was thrilled to discover pens she hadn’t seen in years.

So now you can have your catalogue and save trees too! Who knows what you’ll discover!

Of course, if you find something you want, just give us a call at 0800 007 5566.

And while you enjoy checking out the catalogue, why not think about other ways you can help save the planet every day?

Yes, there’s recycled paper, and we now have our own brand of recycled paper! And it’s not a one-time thing either. The same paper is used over and over again, as you can see on our cool video on the page below:

It’s easy for you too because we do all the work – we collect your used paper when we make deliveries, so you won’t have to take it anywhere. We also collect your used cartridges and recycle those.

And now, we have a few new things in the promotional items section… we offer items made out of recycled materials! Among our most popular ones are tote bags, which you can take to the supermarket again and again so you won’t need plastic bags.

You can check out some of our various shoppers and tote bags here:

As you can see, we also have a very nice-looking budget can cooler made out of partially recycled materials.

Questions? Just call our office at 0800 007 5566.

Office Supplies Solutions: The Basics Are Not Enough

office supplies solutionsAre you happy with your office supplies solutions? Are you getting everything you need, when you need it, and for the right price? What about service?

Chances are that you’re paying too much, either directly to your supplier or indirectly – because you pay for extra staff time as they compare offers and shop around, buying from different suppliers.

How would you like to have reliable access to ALL office supplies and services at competitive prices, and save staff time too? Read on to find out how you can make it happen:

1) What kinds of office supplies solutions are you using right now?

Start by thinking about what kind of office supplies you’re using right now. I bet you use paper, ink, pens, letterhead, envelopes, filing systems, and more. If that’s all you need, you can probably get great deals just about anywhere.

But what if you want more? Things can get a lot more challenging, depending on your industry. You’ll need a lot more in order to run your business effectively. Take a look at the following examples:

2) Do you have specialised printing requirements?

If you simply need basic stationery and business cards, you can get those just about anywhere. But what if you have more complicated printing needs and need fancy brochures, posters, display boards, and more, and you often need them in a hurry? What if you don’t want to pay a premium?

It’s a lot harder to find one supplier who can get you all of the above, very quickly, and at a great price!

3) The marketing power of promotional gifts

You already know that giving out promotional items can create a tremendous amount of goodwill and name recognition. The secret lies in the fact that most of them will be used regularly (if you’ve chosen wisely). Your prospects and customers may be looking at them on a daily basis… and maybe their colleagues as well.

Just think about that nice coffee mug that could sit on your prospect’s desk every day. Or perhaps it’s an attractive calendar that they might consult for appointment times. And let’s not even mention pens that are passed around from one person to another. They’re the original “viral” marketing item.

So how can you get the best deal on the largest selection of promotional items? Look for someone who has a wide array of branded promotional gifts that go far beyond the ordinary, and you’ll be sure to create some buzz for your business.

4) How to benefit from comprehensive office supplies solutions

I could have gone on and on, mentioning bespoke filing systems, ergonomic furniture, and customised invoicing. The key is that you CAN get all of your comprehensive business supplies needs met by ONE supplier, provided you choose well.

And if you do, you’ll have many advantages, including bulk pricing and dedicated account executives. Plus you’ll save a great deal of time and money on the ordering process.

At Crane, we pride ourselves of providing exactly those types of comprehensive solutions for our customers. To find out more, just call us at 0800 007 5566 or visit our website at For promotional products, check out