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Is Your Business Prepared For Snow And Ice?

prepared for snowWe don’t know for sure whether there will be more snow this winter, but we do know that winter will last for another two months, at least officially, so chances are good that there will be more winter weather.

And you definitely don’t want to be caught off-guard! So you may want to ask yourself… Is your business prepared for snow and ice?

Were you prepared for the recent bout of winter weather with its heavy snow fall? If you were, did you use up all your salt, grit, and de-icer spray? What about winter screen wash? Have you restocked yet?

Or were you searching for snow removal supplies at the last minute and all the shops were sold out? Running from shop to shop, or calling all over town, only to hear, “Sorry, we’re all out!” can be really frustrating, not to mention scary, when heavy snowfall is on the way.

Get Prepared For Snow And Ice Ahead Of Time

So why not stock up now, before the next storm hits? You know there will be another one, sooner or later. And when it happens, wouldn’t you rather be prepared?

Since businesses need to make sure they are prepared so they can clear sidewalks, parking lots, entrance ways and more, we are sure to carry everything you need. We’d like to help you keep everyone safe.

This means we carry salt and shovels, along with salt spreaders, mini grit bins, snow pushers, and more. We also carry de-icer spray, ice breakers and scrapers, and winter screen wash so you can clear your windshields quickly if necessary.

We don’t want you to get stuck without them, so we make sure to have plenty of them available, and yes, you can just order them along with your paper and printer supplies.

True to our commitment to going above and beyond to serve you, we’ll also be happy to send them over quickly if there’s snow in the forecast. Just remember that even though we’ll make every effort to keep sufficient supplies on hand, we could run out, so it’s always better to plan ahead.

Just call us on 0800 007 5566 or use our Live Chat! We’ll be happy to help you be prepared for snow and ice!