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Eco-Friendly Office Tips

eco-friendly officeWould you like to do your part to protect the environment? Read on for our favourite tips for making your office eco-friendly.

Of course you know all about the benefits of choosing recycled paper. Don’t limit yourself to paper though, but also consider choosing recycled cardboard, notepads, pencils, and many other things you use in your business, as you’ll see below.

In addition, you should also know that we are happy to pick up your waste paper to feed it back into the next round of recycled paper. Yes, it saves lots of trees… and water. We have a cool cartoon video about saving trees through recycling. Click on the link below to check it out:

How To Save Trees Video

Here’s the best part: using recycled paper is only the beginning. Also remember that there are usually two parts to the equation: using paper and other items made out of recycled material, and then returning them to the cycle by recycling them when you’re done with them. Oh, and of course you can also reuse some of them. That’s even better.

You’ll be surprised how many other things will help you be good to the earth. And you can do it all as a normal part of running your business:

1) Paper, Folders, Cardboard, And More

As we suggested above, start with paper! It’s the easiest to recycle, of course, and you probably go through lots of paper on a daily basis, so recycling paper will make the biggest difference if you choose to do just one thing. Once you’re done with your paper, shred the sensitive materials and recycle the rest. We’ll be glad to pick it up when we make our next delivery.

2) Ink And Toner Cartridges

Ink and toner cartridges are also easy to recycle. You can purchase ones with recycled parts, and we’ll take them back for recycling to give them many more go-arounds. You’ll even save money by choosing recycled or refurbished cartridges! And yes, they come with warranties, just like the new ones!

3) Desk Accessories

Consider all those gadgets you may have on your desk to keep you organised. Letter trays, sorting trays, magazine racks, pen pots, desk tidies, and much more. Guess what! We have entire lines of desk sets that are made out of recycled materials, either entirely or at least in part.

Some of them can be recycled again after use. You’ll find some of them on pages 5 and 7 of our electronic catalogue (and there are many more. Just search for “recycled”):

Click HERE for our catalogue

4) Promotional Products

When it comes to promotional products, you have another great opportunity to be good to the earth. You’ll be able to get the word out about your business while also letting people know that you do your part to protect the environment. We carry lots of items that are made out of recycled materials, either in part of in their entirety.

Among those products are pens, shopping bags, plastic mugs, yo-yos, button badges, ID card holders, and more. We even offer a 6-can cooler made out of recycled material. Other eco-friendly products are made out of biodegradable materials. You can easily find them on our promotional products site by searching for “recycled”:

Click HERE to check out our Promotional Items!

5) Break Room Supplies

There are even more ways to protect the earth. Consider your break room supplies. You can easily choose paper cups and plates as well as other accessories that are made out of recyclable material – or at least biodegradable.

And don’t forget about recycling cans and bottles. Keep a set of recycling bins in your break room and ask your team to use them.

6) Green Cleaning

You surely know that many cleaners contain some rather toxic chemicals. If you want to go green, just seek out green cleaners that are biodegradable and won’t harm the environment. They’re easy enough to find. We label them clearly in our catalogue.

7) More Eco-Friendly Office Practices

There are many more things you can do to save the world’s resources. From turning off your computer and other office equipment at the end of the day to using energy saving light bulbs, there are many ways to conserve resources.

And every time you’re tempted to print something, ask yourself if you REALLY need that printout. Remember, you’ll have to file it too. Why not just save it in a folder on your computer.

Also consider doing business with suppliers who offer eco-friendly products. And last but not least, consolidate your orders to reduce the number of trips their delivery van has to make to deliver your products. That will save you money too.

Where Should You Start?

There are so many ways to protect the environment that you may wonder where to start. We’d like to suggest starting at number 1 on the list above and working your way down.

If you’re already using recycled paper and cartridges, consider adding another category or two to your eco-friendly practices list. And then add another, and another, until you’re doing everything that applies to your business.

Questions? Comments? Need anything? We’d love to hear what you think.

Simply visit our website at, or give us a call on 0800 007 5566.

How To Host a Shredding Party: Get Rid Of Paper Clutter

shredding partySpring is on the way, complete with spring cleaning rituals. And for a business, that includes getting rid of all that paper clutter tucked away in corners, closets, and at the back of file cabinets. Let’s talk about hosting a shredding party!

It’s important not to act too quickly and simply toss it into the recycling bin. Yes, saving trees is a good idea, but some of that information might be highly sensitive and you want to make sure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.


Simply shred it, which can also lead to recycling.

And to make sure it gets done, why not turn that chore into a fun event! Spring is a perfect time for a shredding party!

How To Host A Shredding Party

You may be able to shred quite a few documents in your own personal shredder, or the one in the office mail room, but if you have a lot of them, and your colleagues do too, a shredding party is a better idea.

Simply arrange for a shredding van to come to your place of business and have everyone feed it their confidential forms and paperwork.

So how do you turn this into a party? First, decide on who should be invited!

If your company is big, you can have a party just for your own business. If you want to expand, you can invite neighboring companies – or the entire neighborhood. After all, not just companies have sensitive information.

Next, schedule your event well in advance, probably midweek, and give your staff lots of warning. If you go outside of your own company, send out invitations, post fliers, and use both local and local media to get the word out.

How To Make The Mass Shred Fun

Finally, add the party touches. Plan for sweets, snacks, and coffee or something else to drink. Consider offering prizes for every three boxes of paper that’s fed into the shredder.

Those prizes could include special branded gift items, including pens, bags, water bottles, t-shirts, branded decorative balloons, and much more. You could also offer a prize, a big gift basket with all of the branded items and extra treats. Every bag of paper gets a chance to win the basket, and maybe a few consolation prizes.

You could also hire a local band, or a deejay, for entertaining the crowds.

And yes, just in case you wondered, we do offer this service! We can even bring the snacks if you like.

Just call our office at 0800 007 5566 and our friendly staff members will help arrange the perfect secure shredding truck for your needs!

What to do after the shredding party?

Of course, don’t stop there. After you’ve cleared out the backlog, why not slow down the accumulation of new clutter.

You can do it three different ways… or, best, use a combination of them.

a) Regular visits from a shredding truck

If you generate a LOT of sensitive documents that you then have to shred, you could have a shredding truck stop by on a regular basis. In the meantime, collect that info in big locked containers.

b) Use shredders regularly

You could also keep some shredders around so you can shred any sensitive information as you come across it. In fact, that’s a good idea in any event. We recommend personal shredders in individual offices, with bigger shredders in central locations.

c) Reduce the need for shredding altogether

Why not reduce your use of paper. You don’t have to print out everything, so use a bit of restraint when running your printer. It saves on ink too!

And there’s another way to reduce shredding… going virtual! If you’re in the business of selling products, you could, for example, create a virtual catalogue, like ours:

As you flip through its pages, virtually, you may also want to check out the various shredders for a range of sizes and levels of security! After all, choosing the right shredder for your needs is important. There’s a handy guide on page 349, complete with icons that show which shredder fits which purpose.

You can also get more detailed info about choosing the right shredder here:

So if you decide to add a few shredders to your office, once again, just call us at 0800 007 5566 and we’ll gladly help you with that as well!

The New Environmentally Friendly Crane Virtual Catalogue

catalog rolledRemember when the big Littlewoods catalogues used to arrive in the mail? Or maybe even the Argos catalogue? Those were exciting days. The family would gather around and pick out what they wanted.

Today, the thought of those huge catalogues and the countless trees that went into their production makes most of us cringe. Fortunately, trees are no longer required, at least not for those catalogues, because many adverts are online.

And that’s a good thing. We need to be kind to our planet. After all, it’s the only one we have. And along with recycling paper and using recycled paper and other goods, putting advertising online will help save countless trees.

There’s just one thing…

Most websites don’t quite provide the same shopping experience that those catalogues did. We used to love flipping through those pages and being dazzled by the pretty pictures and the huge selection. Well, I sure did, as did my family and most other people I knew.

And that’s why I was so excited to discover Flipi! Flipi brings back that old catalogue experience without the need for killing trees. It’s completely virtual, right on your screen, yet you get to flip those pages just like in the “old days.”

Want to take a look?

Go ahead and flip through the pages. Find what you’re looking for and check out the variety of offerings.

For example, look at something as basic as staplers… There are 7 pages of them, sorted by size and variety. Or why not go wild and check out the many pages of pens and related writing utensils. One of our clients was thrilled to discover pens she hadn’t seen in years.

So now you can have your catalogue and save trees too! Who knows what you’ll discover!

Of course, if you find something you want, just give us a call at 0800 007 5566.

And while you enjoy checking out the catalogue, why not think about other ways you can help save the planet every day?

Yes, there’s recycled paper, and we now have our own brand of recycled paper! And it’s not a one-time thing either. The same paper is used over and over again, as you can see on our cool video on the page below:

It’s easy for you too because we do all the work – we collect your used paper when we make deliveries, so you won’t have to take it anywhere. We also collect your used cartridges and recycle those.

And now, we have a few new things in the promotional items section… we offer items made out of recycled materials! Among our most popular ones are tote bags, which you can take to the supermarket again and again so you won’t need plastic bags.

You can check out some of our various shoppers and tote bags here:

As you can see, we also have a very nice-looking budget can cooler made out of partially recycled materials.

Questions? Just call our office at 0800 007 5566.

Save Trees By Using Recycled Paper

Do you ever feel guilty when you think about how many trees it takes to make the paper you’re using in your office every day? You should, especially once you realise just how many trees you’ll be able to save by using recycled paper.

Imagine this… If you use 80 boxes or 400 reams of recycled paper over “regular” paper, you can save 24 trees.

And that’s just the beginning. As you’ll see in a minute, the potential for saving trees and protecting the environment is HUGE.

Check out the video below. I found it’s a real eye-opener:

As you can see, the savings aren’t just limited to trees but also water, energy, and even carbon dioxide. And it’s not just those 24 trees, but 5 times 24 trees, which is a total of 120 trees, and with a potential of saving even more trees, along with the additional water, energy, and carbon dioxide.

What do you think? Are you ready to do YOUR part to protect the environment? It’s so easy. Simply by choosing any recycled paper you will make a huge difference. And of course, by recycling the paper you use.

And if you choose 5 Star Loop paper, you can save FIVE TIMES as many trees, as you’ve seen in the video! Just do the math! Isn’t that pretty amazing?

And yes, we do carry this amazing paper. So ask for it next time you reorder and feel really good about using paper for once. Once again, it’s called 5 Star Loop paper. You’ll be saving lots of trees.

Even better… it won’t cost you any extra work. We’ll collect your waste paper when we drop off your next order of office products, and we’ll make sure it gets recycled into the next round of 5 Star Loop paper. It’s so easy to help protect those trees.