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Marketing Lessons From Euro 2016

marketing lessons from euro 2016 football soccerTomorrow is the official kick-off for the Euro 2016 international football (soccer) championship starts on Friday. In our office in London, we’re really excited and in fact, we’re doing a big special promotion to celebrate and support our team. There’s also a big marketing lesson in all those Euro 2016 activities, ours as well as everyone else’s.

For about a week, we’ve been giving away a special Euro 2016 Football Tracker with any order, which allows you to see exactly who will play against whom – and when. They went like hotcakes.

We’re also doing a big Prize Draw, with multiple chances to win an England Football Shirt. We’re giving away at least three, plus additional ones, as long as England keeps winning! There will be other prizes too: football hats, clappers, sponge hands, and more.

We love our England team, and want to support it, so every time we win, we’re doing an ADDITIONAL draw for a case of beer – to help the lucky winner celebrate!

So what is the biggest Marketing Lesson from Euro 2016?

The biggest lesson is to see the opportunity of this major sporting event and to take advantage of it!

As you’ve probably seen, the organisers and official sponsors of Euro 2016 have created countless branded products they sell (or give away) on their sites and elsewhere. They know what gets their name out there.

Yet they’re far from alone. There are branded football products everywhere, including ours! In the United States, that’s true for both soccer and American football, as well as baseball, basketball, and more.

As for us, we’ve placed our Crane logo on our giveaway goodies too. It’s a great way to get our name seen locally and around the country – wherever our customers live and wear our football shirts or use our other football goodies. If you’d like one, call us on 0800 007 5566 and stock up on your business supplies to get a prize draw ticket.

And we highly recommend that you take advantage of this opportunity (or similar future ones) to gain extra visibility for your company too… Sure, there’ll always be another opportunity that comes around, but this time you can also show your support for our England team (provided you’re in England and are rooting for our team)! If you’re in another participating country, you can do the same for YOUR team.

The perfect promotional gifts for Euro 2016 and similar events

In case you’re wondering what kinds of items would lend themselves to be branded with both the football theme AND your logo, here are some suggestions:

Shirts, hats, and hand clappers are the most obvious options. But there’s more:

Canvas tote bags or cool bags are perfect too, and you’ll get lots of mileage out of those as people use them for shopping or for picnics in the park (or the game). Another great option are sports or travel bags, which lend themselves to all kinds of other purposes, including traveling, picnics, and, well, even diaper bags, if you happen to have little ones at home.

But wait, there’s more! How about thermo mugs, bottle openers, umbrellas (yes, it might rain during some of the games!), BPA free sports bottles, collapsible bottles, beer koozies can coolers, and lots more.

Important Note:

Whatever you do, though, be sure to avoid using copyrighted and trademarked words or phrases… unless they’re your own! You don’t want your big marketing campaign to get you in trouble.

The best part is that creating branded products in support of Euro 2016 or any other major sporting championship doesn’t just give your marketing a big boost, but it’s fun too. Be sure to give your team members their own t-shirts and other items – with the encouragement to wear them often.

If you enjoyed this marketing lesson from Euro 2016, please visit our blog on for more. You can see our banner ad for our Giveaway on and join in if you like. Of course, as always, we’ll be happy to speak with anyone who’d like more information on creating their own branded giveaway products.


Football Euro 2016 Planner And Prize Draw

football Euro 2016Do you love football? Then you’ll LOVE what we have planned to help you have some football fun in your office. It’s all to celebrate Euro 2016 and support our England Team!

Euro 2016 starts on Friday, June 10th, and it continues for an entire month! Of course we hope that the England Team will be part of it all the way to the Finals… Oh yes, and come out the winner!

Get the Football Euro 2016 Planner!

In the meantime, you’ll want to keep track of who’s playing whom, and we have you covered. We want to give you a Euro 2016 Football Tracker for your office!

Check it out on our website, – it’s on one of the rotating banners.

So how can you get it? We’ll include it with ANY order you place between now and at least June 10th, or until we run out.

Win an England Football Shirt!

And that’s not all. We’re also giving away at LEAST 3 England Football Shirts, plus additional prizes including football hats, clappers, sponge hands, and more every time England plays a match!

Every time your order comes to at least £75, we’ll enter a ticket for you in our Prize Draw. So plan your orders accordingly…

And there’s MORE! Each time we win, we’ll hold a second draw for a case of beer to celebrate!

Tips on how to qualify for the Prize Draw

Wondering what you should order to get in on those prizes? Anything you normally get, whether it’s paper and ink, or anything from our design and print shop. You can also get some of your own branded shirts, hats, and bags to show off your company’s support of the England team!

Of course, considering the rapid approach of summer, you may also consider getting some fans for your office if you haven’t already. Last time we suggested a few options, including floor fans, tower fans, and even small desk-sized fans for anyone who wants an extra breeze.

If you have questions, just call us on 0800 007 5566 and we’ll be happy to help you figure out what would work best for your office. Or use our Live Chat if you prefer.

In the meantime, be sure to get your Euro 2016 Wall Planner in time for kick-off! There’s no minimum order required for that, though you may want to add a few items you’d stock up on anyway so you’ll qualify for our Prize Draw.

In the meantime, let’s get ready for Euro 2016 and support our England Team!

The Crane Christmas Prize Draw

Santa With TVHow would you like to win a prize? You can! Today, we’re launching our new Crane Christmas Prize Draw, and you could be the lucky winner of our grand prize… a 50″ television!

How will the Christmas Prize Draw work?

Easy! You get entered into the prize draw every time you spend over £99 on any order (excl. VAT)! And yes, multiple entries are allowed, so the more often you order, the more chances you’ll have to win.

You could win other prizes too, including delicious gourmet chocolates or one of our popular and collectible Crane t-shirts.

The contest will run all the way through the 18th of December, and the prizes will be delivered in time for Christmas.

But don’t wait until December! We have something extra for early birds…

The Early Bird Halloween Booster Prize!

Here’s some excellent news! You can double up! Any order placed before Halloween will ALSO be entered into our Halloween contest. There, you can win a Kindle, or any of another 11 runner-up prizes (more chocolate and Crane mugs).

This means you could win TWO prizes! So the earlier and more often you enter, the better your chances to win a prize.

CLICK HERE for the official page on our website!

So what could you order to qualify?

Anything you want, of course. Here are a few ideas on what you could order for your qualifying tickets…

* Special seasonal offerings, such as personalised Christmas cards, gift wrapping accessories, and mailing supplies.

* Marketing items, including business cards, brochures, and a huge array of corporate gifts, from pens to memory sticks to t-shirts and engraved crystal bowls.

* Office supplies. Obviously, any of our “normal” offerings will also qualify you for a chance to win! Whether you need paper, toner, staplers, or pens, they all qualify.

* Office furniture. Yes, you could also get chairs, desks, supply cabinets, or other office furniture.

* Catering supplies

Last but not least… what about that office party? Whether you need fancy paper cups and plates, or coffee, tea, milk, biscuits, and chocolates, we have what it takes to make it a success – while making the shopping an easy one-stop event, with all the goods delivered straight to your lunchroom.

CLICK HERE for the official page on our website!

Want something special that you can’t find anywhere else? We’re always happy to help. Just call us on 0800 007 5566 and let us know what you need. We’ll do our best to work our magic!

So go ahead and call us to place your qualifying orders, and boost your chance of winning one of our prizes! If you prefer to order online, that’s okay. Online orders count too, and those placed via our new online “live chat” do as well.

In the meantime, we’ll keep our fingers crossed for you!