About Michael Crane

Michael Crane

Hi, I’m Michael Crane.

I’m the founder and owner of Crane Business Solutions. It’s my mission to help businesses have access to the best office supplies products and other business solutions available – and provide excellent prices AND service.

As you’ll see, we don’t limit ourselves to traditional office products. We want to be your one-stop shop for (almost) EVERYTHING you need in your business, including:

* Office Interiors
Including furniture, accessories, room dividers, and more.

* Printing & Design
From stationery and brochures to banners and beyond, we do it all.

* Toners & Ink
We have the perfect toner and ink cartridges for your printers.

* Promotional Products
From coffee mugs to t-shirts to pens and fancy corporate gifts.

* Catering Supplies
Including coffee, tea, water, soft drinks, snacks, forks & knives, plates, and much more.

* Cleaning Supplies
Anything you need to keep your office looking its best.

* Eco-Friendly Products & Services
Recycled paper, cartridges, and promotional products, and more. We also pick up your used paper and cartridges for recycling.

We have 3 kinds of specials…

  • Special deals in a bargain basement section
  • Special orders, where you can ask us for anything you need and we’ll go out and find it for you
  • Special coupon codes and promotions, which we announce in our weekly newsletter (Click HERE to sign up!)

We help our customers not only have easy access to exactly the right products (and services) they need, but also save money and time in the process. This way, they won’t waste time that could be much more productively spent on growing their business.

What we don’t do…

There are a few things we don’t do…  We don’t do taxes and accounting, though we DO offer tax software and any products you may need to do your own books – or, if you’re an accountant,  those of your clients.

We also don’t offer legal services, but we love our solicitor customers and provide them with everything they need to help their clients.

We help you grow your business

You can see some of this on my blog. I’ll be offering you tips on how to save time and money in your office – and make more profits to boot. I’ll also offer you suggestions for timely products that may be helpful to you right now.

For example, now is a great time to get the word out about your company, and research has shown that promotional gift items are the PERFECT way to do that.

So go ahead and read some of my posts about how to choose the best promotional gifts for your target prospects and clients.

One thing to remember… these items with your company logo and maybe even your personalised message will take a bit longer to create. But they’ll be worth the wait as they will help you build your relationship with your clients… and endear yourself to your prospects. So be sure to plan ahead when you need them for a special event!

Next Day Delivery – And More!

However, when it comes to “normal” orders, we pride ourselves on our next-day delivery service. And we’re not just delivering your packages to your front door either!

We’ll take your purchases to the exact place you need them, whether that’s your lunch room, your copier room, your warehouse, or any other place in your office.

Who needs everything dumped right inside the front door? Probably not you. So we’ll make sure your items will go just where you want them.

What about furniture? We deliver most of our furniture within two business days, but a few items can take a bit longer.

We also create a personalised list of great deals just for you, custom-made for YOU and your needs.

We’d love to get a chance to show you what we can do for you.

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In the meantime, we’d like to offer you our special report on how you can save both time and money in your business! Just click HERE & request our special money-saving report, and your report will be on its way to your inbox shortly.

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