Print, Promotional Items, and Furniture

I recently discovered that many of our clients don’t realise we do more than just “basic” office products. Sure, we offer those, and we provide excellent quality at great prices. But we do so much more.

In particular, there are three additional areas where we provide outstanding products and services: print and design, promotional items, and furniture. I’d love for you to give us a chance to impress you with the high level of quality we provide, along with our exemplary speed and customer service.

Print & Design

For all of your printing and design needs, we offer full Litho, digital, and reprographic printing services. And yes, that includes design. Our in-house Mac design team can handle any of your design requirements. The best thing is that design is fully integrated with our print services, saving you time and money.

We are happy to handle everything from basic business cards to highly sophisticated promotional projects. To make things even easier and faster for you, we offer a self-service print platform. Here’s how this works:

Let’s say you have a new staff member and want a set of business cards for them. You simply log into our print platform, find your pre-loaded business cards, and create a new one for your staff member by adding name, phone number, email address. Then just place the order, and you’ll have your new cards within 48 hours.

How to get started? Simply give us a call at 0800 007 5566 and request an account, and we’ll be happy to set it up for you. Then send us your art work, and we’ll take it from there. Next time you need business cards, stationery, or envelopes, you can make any adjustments you want, place an order, and they’ll be on their way.

And if you want something more involved, we’re happy to help at any time. So if you have any print and design needs, give us a try.

Promotional Items

Promotional items are among the most cost effective marketing methods available. People love gifts and freebies. So when you give your items away for free, they’re bound to use them, especially if they’re practical items like mugs, bags, or t-shirts.

You’ll find a wide selection of what we have available here:

We’re also very fast. Considering the amount of customisation involved, you’ll be happy to know that we can get your new promotional gifts to you within DAYS, depending on what it is you want.

But we don’t stop there. In addition to the items in the catalogue, we also have many more sophisticated options that are suitable as corporate gifts. Have something special in mind? Give us a call at 0800 007 5566 and let us surprise you!

Furniture and Interiors

You probably know we sell office chairs and desks. But that’s just the beginning. We’re ready to equip your office with any furniture or accessory items you can imagine, and in a wide range of styles. Yes, we have the basic, practical office furniture, but we also have ergonomic furniture. In addition, we have highly sophisticated designer furniture.

So if you are planning to outfit a new office, give us a call and let us help you equip your office with jaw-droppingly gorgeous interiors that will make you the envy of your competitors.

Look for our new extensive catalogue in the next week or two, and prepare to be impressed. In the meantime, just give us a call at 0800 007 5566 if you want to know more about our furniture and other interior solutions.

Whether you need a new chair or a whole new office interior designed to create a beautiful and comfortable workspace, talk to us. We’ll be happy to help.