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Summer Promo Gifts Tips To Get The Word Out

We’re right in the middle of summer, and you may be running low on your summer promo gifts. Or you’re getting bored with the same old bags, insulation sleeves, and insulated mugs and bottles. Yet it’s especially crucial in summer to continue to get the word out about your business or organisation.

Of course “bored” could mean that you’re merely getting bored with the design, or that you’re ready for something completely different. So today, I’m going to bring out our latest summer promo gifts & items…

summer promo gifts tips

Small and useful summer promo gifts

The guiding principles for summer promo gifts: small and useful. You want people to bring them along wherever they go, so they shouldn’t weigh down their beach bag, their golf bag, or their purse.

Here are some of the key categories of summer promo items:

Skincare promotional items

Skincare is big these days. Key among them is sunscreen… and moisturising lip balms. The lip balms are especially useful – they’re lightweight and small and fit into any pocket.  People use them multiple times each day, so your logo may get even more visibility than if it were on a pen.

Lip balms with sun blocks combine the two most popular summer items, and are among our bestsellers. Yet because they’re basically small items, they’re inexpensive enough to be given away… and spread the word about your business.

They also come in a wide range of fun colours, so you can create several different ones and make them collectible, either from year to year, or by creating limited editions, and ordering a new version every time you run low on the old one.

Tissues – Always Needed

Another inexpensive yet frequently used item? Tissues! Everyone uses them on a daily basis, and small packs with your logo are easily tucked into that any bag or purse.

Insect repellents

Summer is perfect for spending time in nature, yet we don’t get nature all to ourselves. Nature, especially near water, can mean mosquitoes and other biting insects. Your customers will be glad you thought of giving them branded insect repellents.

Travel sized promotional gifts

Most people travel during the summer – whether it’s just for a weekend or an extended vacation. And that means that travel sets will come in very handy. Just about any skin care or body care item is available in a branded, travel-sized version. Ask us about them and find out. Hotels know why they provide their customers with branded soaps, shampoos, conditioners, or hand sanitizers. As you can see, travel sized promotional gifts are perfect for short trips, and remind people of their brand!

Gift baskets & goodie bags

And yes, all these items are perfect for including in gift baskets and goodie bags. Also throw in something fun, like golf balls, or something edible, like our Clic Clac tins of mints, and your summer gifts are sure to please. In fact, take a look at these promotional gifts for summer

Questions? Want some recommendations for any specific promotional opportunities? Just give us a call on 0800 007 5566 or contact us on our Live Chat! We’re always happy to assist you!