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Get Your Office Ready For Spring

get your office ready for springA look at the calendar tells you it’s spring even if it doesn’t feel like it quite yet. No matter, the time is right to get your office ready for spring. A fresh new look and more comfortable furniture can really enhance everyone’s mood and productivity.

That’s right! Research has shown that being comfortable not only makes people feel better, but it also reduces time away from work for health reasons and increases their productivity when they are in the office.

Pay attention to functionality and comfort

So take a look around. Check out all the office chairs and make sure they’re still working properly. Sometimes, the mechanism that lets you adjust the height can break. Sometimes, those chairs start to wobble, or maybe the seat back no longer stays in place.

You may also find some rather worn padding where a formerly cushy seat cushion has been flattened into a hard surface. Any of these can make the chairs quite uncomfortable, and a lack of comfort results in distraction and lower productivity. That’s bad news.

If you find that your furniture is still comfortable and looks great, you’re in luck. If not, you may want to consider replacing some or all of the chairs that no longer live up to your standards. But before you run out and get new chairs, consider this…

Get your office ready for spring with the right look

Functionality and comfort are important. However, does your office have a look you can be proud of? Does it look modern and professional? Or do you prefer a classic look? As you consider upgrading your office furniture, why not make sure to upgrade your office to a more consistent appearance too.

In addition, why not add some spring colours? They could be incorporated into your overall decorative scheme, the furniture, or even added in the form of plants on desks and window sills. Flowers lift everyone’s mood, especially yellow ones, like daffodils and tulips and other spring flowers. Adding some will go a long way as you get your office ready for spring.

And when clients visit your office, you want them to be impressed, or at least reassured, by your office’s professional look. And if your uplifting decorations put a smile on their face, so much the better.

How to find the right furniture?

You may be wondering just how you’ll find furniture that looks good AND feels good. You want furniture that keeps your team comfortable while they work. Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell whether a chair is comfortable and the right fit when you’re just looking at a catalogue.

Instead, to ensure that you’ll find the right furniture go see it in person. Sit on the chairs, try the sofas for the reception area, and make sure the desks work for you. Bring some of your team members too! And yes, you may also want to see the actual colours as they look in real life.

Should you get ergonomic office furniture

Should you go all the way out and get ergonomic office furniture? You may want to consider it.  It’s a lot more expensive, but it will go a long way to prevent occupational hazards such as back pain, neck pain, hip problems, and more.

What if you want to go part of the way even though you’re not quite ready to go all in? You could explore ergonomic office chairs and find out what makes them special. Then look for similar features in the not-quite ergonomic office chair and furniture options and choose versions that come closest. The key to making chairs ergonomically correct lies in fit and adjustability.

You’ll find many options in our several showrooms around London. Which ones feature the exact kind of furniture that’s best for you? Call us on 0800 007 5566 or use our Live Chat and let us know what you’re looking for.

We’ll be happy to point you to the right showroom(s) where you can find the perfect new chairs, desks, sofas, and other office furniture. Have a cup of coffee or tea on us while you decide which chair and sofa offers the best fit.

Once you find what you like, we’ll make sure you get your new furniture right away, generally within a few days at most. Add some potted plants or even fresh flowers, and get your office ready for spring in no time.