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Valentine’s Day At Work Can Boost Your Business!

Valentine's Day at workValentine’s Day is coming up soon, so get ready to bring out the candy and pink decorations for your office. In case you wondered, celebrating Valentine’s Day at work can have quite a few benefits for your business…

In fact, it can give your business a nice boost in at least three different ways:

  1. It will create a cheerful mood and morale inside your own office or business.
  2. It’s a great “excuse” to reach out to prospects and customers, which helps you build and strengthen your relationship with them.
  3. If you approach it the right way, it can also increase your visibility in the weeks and even months to come.

Once you see how well it works to celebrate Valentine’s Day at work, you’ll probably feel inspired to celebrate more occasions, including St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and more.

1) Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Work

Celebrating Valentine’s Day at work starts with special treats both edible and not. It’s fun, and it will show your staff members that you appreciate them. Go ahead and throw them a party during an afternoon coffee break! You can offer up baked goods with pink and red frosting or sweets in red and pink wrappers.

You might also provide red fruit punch (non-alcoholic of course), at least as one option. And of course, you could include themed decorations, from napkins and table cloths to paper cups, and actual flower arrangements.

You’re not limited to edible treats either!  There are lots of not-so-edible options that can provide a tangible memory of that day of cheer. Examples could be pink or red USB sticks. You can even have branded ones made for a very modest price.

2) Share the Valentine’s Day Cheer with Prospects And Clients

Your clients and prospects will also appreciate a sweet treat or even a small (branded) gift. Don’t want to go overboard? You could simply send them a Valentine’s card or note.

A personal note will surprise and delight your prospects and customers. It won’t take much to do. Just pick up some attractive stationery and let your clients and customers know that you appreciate their business. What about prospects? If they allow you to send them email on a regular basis, that too deserves a note of appreciation.

3) Getting a Longer Term Boost From Celebrating Valentine’s Day at Work

The Valentine’s effect can last for weeks and even months. The goodwill you generate with your treats, gifts, and thoughtful actions can last for a while. Also, once you’ve acquired the stationery and enjoyed a nice response, you may end up using it more often – even “just because” – and reap the rewards.

Okay, so maybe not the Valentine’s themed stationary, but you get the idea. If it’s Easter, you can get Easter themed stationary, or simply use attractive stationary that you feel is appropriate for any particular client.

And if you’ve bought some attractive small branded gifts, such as USB sticks, you may have lots of extras – after all, you can save lots of money when you buy them in larger quantities. So hand them out at networking meetings, community events, and conferences. And of course you can also send them to new prospects and customers throughout the year.

A Treat for You

And we’d like to give you a treat too – one bag of Rolos for yourself and one to share with your Valentine, with your order of £75 (excl. VAT), while supplies last.

Questions? Want some stationery? Just call us on 0800 007 5566 or visit our Crane Business Solutions website and use our Live Chat!

What are YOU going to do on Valentine’s Day? Please tell us in the comments section below!